"During the year, we provided
support to The Society for The
Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug
Abusers. I believe this program
is doing a tremendous job
helping youths with drug problems
by teaching them new skills. For 2013,
we will support remedial programs
that help young people with drug
abuse and addiction problems."

We established our CSR Committee in 2008 with the
mission of defining best CSR practices for the Group,
steering our CSR strategies and overseeing their
development and implementation.

The Group's core charity pillars are:


The committee comprises the following members:

Sir Roger Lobo, Independent Non-executive Director and
Chairman of the CSR Committee
Mr. Lawrence Ho, Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Frank Tsui, Executive Director
Mr. Clarence Chung, Executive Director
Ms. Maggie Ma, Associate Director, Group Corporate Communications